What is my medium?

The great artists throughout the years had to ask themselves that very question. “What is my medium?” For Picasso and Van Gogh, it was paint. Shakespeare and Hemingway used the written word, while Beethoven and Miles Davis used music. Steven Spielberg uses video, and Tony Robbins relies on public speaking. These public figures all have their “weapon of choice” when it comes to conveying a message.

You must also ask yourself, especially today, “What is my medium?” How are you going to get your message out to the public? It’s quickly becoming common knowledge that today’s marketing battleground is social media. Since the term “social media” is so broad, it can be a tad overwhelming to make a plan of action. Luckily for you, the arena of social media can easily be broken down into four categories. We’ll discuss the differences now and figure out which ones you gravitate toward.

What is my medium - Copy - Entrench Media


Copy, or written word, can be any form of communication that requires reading. If your point is short and sporadic, this could be summed up in a tweet. Rather if you have much more to say, a longer post on Facebook or Reddit might do the trick. Safe to say, if you’re marketing to a target audience where reading is a part of their lifestyle, this would be your best route.

What is my medium - Picture - Entrench Media


A picture is worth a thousand words to some. Just look at the estimated 800 million users on Instagram. It’s clear that photos aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Photo-based platforms like Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest cater to a more artsy clientele. Someone aiming to spread the word visually would be at home on these platforms.

What is my medium - Video - Entrench Media


Video will always be around in one form, or another. There’s a reason why television was king of the marketing arena for over half a century. While television commercials continue to decline in viewership though, video remains a powerhouse on the internet. From long-form tutorials on YouTube, to the hilarious GIFs on Giphy and Tumblr, we all want to soak it in. Businesses who want their customers to feel a face-to-face interaction with them can reap heavy benefits from video posting.

What is my medium - Audio - Entrench Media


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in 2018 who’s never heard the term “Podcast”. In fact, 44% of the U.S. population has listened to one. Podcast listeners are loyal, affluent, and educated. Almost half of all podcast listening is done at home, while an impressive 22% is done in the car. It surely makes the work commute more tolerable. Audio content is a great way to connect with your fanbase, because let’s face it…. Who doesn’t like to hear a friendly voice?

What is your medium?

In conclusion, there’s an extreme benefit in putting out content on a regular basis. Not only are you able to inform your target demographic of what you’re working on or selling. You are also able to provide them with a glimpse into who you are. This proves to be invaluable in creating brand loyalty. More than “Why should I buy this?” people subconsciously ask themselves “Why should I buy this from you?” Pick a medium that you can comfortably work with. One that will attract your target audience. And then…

Give them a reason “Why”.