Social Media Management and Consulting

Social Media Management has taken the world by storm, in many forms. To some, the transparency caused by platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others can be frightening. Entrench Media can show you how these tools have the ability to spring your business miles ahead of the competition. We work closely with our clients to make sure that their unique voice and mission rings loudly, throughout their day-to-day interactions with customers.

If time management is one of your main concerns, Entrench Media is also fully capable of managing your social media presence. With experience in the areas of acquisition, retention, and “win back”, Entrench Media will help to formulate a plan based on what your goals are.

Some of our methods include:

  • Content creation & distribution –
  • Redistribution & Virality –
  • Influencer Marketing –
  • One-on-One or “Touch” Marketing –
  • Discussion Engagement –
  • Live content production –
  • Contest & Event Creation –
  • Guerrilla Marketing –

Why should you hire us for Social Media Management?

First of all, we are the only company that we know of in Central Illinois that does what we do. Our team doesn’t believe in following and un-following every local person or business on social media. Therefore, we only target and follow ones that we plan on building a relationship with. A relationship that should mutually benefit both parties. We personally engage with relevant comments on posts and photos. We take social media management seriously, so all of our content is hand posted. Most noteworthy, we don’t use bots or apps that can get your accounts blocked or banned. We can teach you how to do the same to engage more proactively with your client base.

If you hire our competitors, they won’t be local. They will use apps and bots to get your account fake likes and followers. As a result, they won’t know you and your business like we will. If you hire us, you are hiring mentors, friends and fellow creatives that want to help you succeed. Contact us today, if you’d like to learn more. You may also reach out to us on Facebook.


Social Media Management
Social Media Management