About Entrench Media - Transfer House - Decatur, Illinois

About Entrench Media

About Entrench Media – We are Rick Bell and Mikey Schoneman; two people with a deep love of Decatur, and the businesses and personalities that reside here. From witnessing the birth of the internet to the uprising of the Social Media Age, we began to realize that we could become an asset to our friends and neighbors throughout the town. Rick and Mikey have over 25 years of combined experience in the areas of website design, hosting, marketing, direct sales, and public relations. We also offer “à la carte” services such as logo design, pixel installation, and graphic design.

Our Methods

When first contacting Entrench Media, we will recommend an in-person consultation to assess your needs. No person is alike, and the same goes for businesses. Once we have an idea of who you are, and what you’re trying to accomplish, we can lay out a plan to best serve your needs. We pride ourselves in custom fitting a plan of action for every business. Furthermore, we take pride in considering ourselves part of your team. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. You may also contact us on Facebook.